Hilliard Winter Championship

Stock Altered   13" hitch - 1050#

  • Single cylinder four cycle flathead engines only. 36.500 cubic inches.
  • Engines must be Kohler, Tecumseh, or Briggs.
  • Engines must be factory productions or their OEM replacement.
  • Max. engine bore 3.780. Max. crankshaft stroke 3.250.
  • Max. engine valve size 1.380. Max. engine valve lift .330 inches.​
  • Carburetor venturi 1" maximum. 1" spacer allowed.
  • Carburetor must be Kohler type. No pressurized fuel tanks.
​          Rule clarification:
                   Air controlled by butterfly in stock position in carburetor,  
                   no slides, no injection, naturally aspirated only.
                   No air entering after  1.000 restriction.​​
  • Tractors must run on alcohol NO ADDITIVES (CLEAR).
  • Billet heads permitted.
  • Porting and polishing allowed.
  • No external welding or external modifications allowed.
  • All thread through finned area is acceptable.
  • Welding permitted in crankcase area of the block for repair.
  • Must run a factory appearing hood and grill.
  • Max. length of tractor is 7 foot forward from centerline of rear axle.
  • Max. wheelbase of 52 inches.
  • Must be stock garden frame and maintain stock length.
  • Foot pegs, platforms and seats must be in stock location.
  • Tractors must have garden tractor rearends.
  • Top placing tractors will be checked for:
                 Fuel, carb size, bore, stroke, valve lift and valve size.
  • ​​No pressurized oil systems.

*All Hilliard general and safety rules will be strictly enforced.*