Hilliard Winter Championship

16 HP Sport Stock 13” hitch - 1050#

  • 16 HP and under – Open RPM. Single Cyl., Flat Head OEM manufactured blocks only.
  • Stock bore + .030 over. No piston pop up allowed.   
  • Camshaft .330 lift max at valves.
  • Valves - IN 1.380 – EX 1.380.
  • No Crankshaft stroking, steel cranks allowed.
  • Porting & polishing allowed. No reverse port engines.
  • Stock cast head. No recast or billet heads.

                Milling permitted, no welding or altering.

  • Carburetor shall be no larger then stock 30mm with 1” venturi.
                Must be OEM carburetor. No spacers or velocity stacks allowed.
  • Fuel will be Alcohol only.  No fuel additives. No pressure tanks.
                Bring your own fuel. All fuel subject to fuel check.
                See general rules for penalty if caught with illegal fuel.
  • OEM factory ignition system.  Chevy points allowed. Electronic ignition allowed.
  • Must have steel flywheel – No cast iron.
  • Tire size max 26x12x12. Professional tires and aluminum wheels allowed.
  • 52 inch wheelbase, with OEM tractor frame.
  • Tractor must have working kill switch.
                Needs to shut off ignition and fuel. Switch must be located within a 6 inches of either
                side of the center of the back of tractor and easily accessible.
  • Firesuit and Helmet required.
  • Engine must have scatter shield attached to the head and frame.
                 On starter side, on inline concept.
  • No pressurized oil systems.
Hilliard Tractor Club reserves the right to tech inspect every aspect any tractor competing
at our events. Hilliard official's decision will be final on any point of controversy.
Disagreements will result in disqualification.​​Type your paragraph here.

*All Hilliard general and safety rules will be strictly enforced.*