Hilliard Tractor Club General Rules 
Formula for Computing Cubic inches: .7854 X Bore X Bore X Stroke = Cubic Inches
You will be banned for 5 years and a day if caught with performance enhancing chemicals.
1. Judge's decision will be final on any point of controversy. Any disagreement will result in disqualification.
2. Hilliard reserves the right to inspect and tech every aspect of any tractor competing at our events.
3. Open to two wheel drive, rubber tired tractors, no dual wheels, chains or
    spikes. No tricycle front ends allowed and no front end suspension systems allowed. 
4. Hilliard does not allow any pressurized oil systems in Pro Stock, Super Stock Classic, Stock Altered or Outlaw. No fuel injection.
5. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled hitch during the pull.
6. Any part of the tractor touching the boundary line during the pull will result in disqualification.
7. Two attempts will be allowed to start the sled, except in pull offs. Only one attempt in a
    pull off. The 1st place puller can drop five places, which means he will actually start in   the 6th position.
8. A Driver will be disqualified if he/she delays a contest.
9. Pulling position will be determined by drawing.
10. Weight transferred sled will be used.
11. Drawbar will be horizontal and stationary in all directions, with hitching device not more than 3/4" in thickness and must have a
     1 & 1/2" round hole. Pulling point may not be more than 3/4" from back edge of hitching device parallel to and not more than 13"
      above the ground.
12. No  portion of any tractor may exceed 6' in width.
13. All drivers should be clean and neatly attired. Tractors should be clean and painted.
14. Drivers under 18 years of age must have parental signed consent on file. 
15. Consumption of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification.
16. Any person who refuses to be inspected for eligibility, by routine check, or money winners shall
      not be allowed to enter and/or pull in the class in question until legality is checked.
17. Protests must be submitted with $100.00, $20.00 of which goes to the club. The person being protested must present their tractor to

      the tech committee to be checked. If they are found legal they will get $80.00. If found illegal, the person filing the protest gets
      $80.00 of their money back. Any person refusing to be checked will be disqualified and cannot pull until proven legal.
18. Tires must be no larger then 26x12x12. For clarification the maximum circumference is 88 1/2" by 12 1/4" diameter.
Safety Rules
1. All tractors are required to have a switch that will kill the engine In case of chain or hitch breakage. The switch must be located within
    range of 6" on either side of center of back of tractor and have a steel ring not less than 1 & 1/2" in diameter.
2. All tractors must be equipped with a dead man throttle on induction system and a dry chemical fire
    extinguisher or equivalent. THIS MUST BE EASILY ACCESSIBLE.
3. Driver must put his tractor in a neutral position and be hand pushed to the sled. Tractor must be shut
    down before chain will be unhooked from the sled.
4. All tractors must have a safety device to prevent turnovers. This device to have wheels or skid plates. Wheels are to be at least 1" wide
     and 5" in diameter. Skid pads to have at least 3 square inches at the ground contact point. Wheels or pads must be no less than 5"
     behind the rear tires and not more than 5" above the ground. This must be able to support the weight of the tractor.
5. All weights must be safely secured to the tractor, not extended beyond the rear tires. Any loss of weights
    or components that affect the pull will be cause for disqualification.
6. Driver must remain seated during pull and have a normal seat with a 3" back minimum, and fenders
    safely fastened to protect the driver from the tires.
7. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times and be equipped with workable breaks.
8. Flywheels must be of billet steel [no cast iron] and no bolted on or welded on fins.
9. Starter pulleys 8" max. must be of billet steel or billet alum. [no cast alum. or stamped steel]. All starter pulleys must have a retaining
    device to prevent pulley from coming off the crankshaft.​ At least 1/8" thick washer larger then the end of the crankshaft and a bolt.
    All alum. pulleys must have at least a taper lock bushing. All steel starter pulleys must have a SDS bushing. 
10. All final drive belts must be covered top 180° and all flywheel and clutch assemblies must be covered 360° with 1/8" steel or 3/16"
     aluminum. Driveshaft must have a loop or pillow block bearing  4 - 6 inches from rear end forward or 1/8" cover securely fastened.
11. All engines must have a scatter shield opposite the cam side of the motor. It must be maid of 1/8" steel or 3/16"
     aluminum. Must cover full height and width of block and be secure manner to frame and head or head plate.
12. Helmets and firesuits are mandatory in all classes, and must be secure.