Hilliard Winter Chamoionship

Gov. Twin Cyl 5000 RPM  - 13” hitch – 1050 #

  • 30 HP Block - 60 CI max. Must be garden tractor block.
  • Stock Heads Only. No recast, billet, or plated heads.
                 No welding on outside of heads.  Putty permitted.       
  • Homemade manifolds allowed. Spacers are allowed.       
  • Stock manifolds - 2 barrel, plastic, horizontal or vertical.
  • Carburetor - 1.200 Venturi max. Single or two barrel carbs permitted.
  • No fuel injection allowed.
  • Any ignition is allowed. Electric fuel pumps allowed.
  • Two switches only, one for fuel and one for ignition.
  • Wheelie Bars, brakes, safety shields required.
  • Steel flywheel. No cast iron.
  • Front pulley – 8" max - 1 3/4" thick max.
                 Steel must have SDS bushing, bolt, & washer to secure.
                 Alum must have taper lock bushing, bolt & washer to secure.
  • Must have flywheel and clutch shields in place.
  • Must have working kill switch and dead man throttle.
  • Tire Size 26x12x12 max. Any tire allowed.
  • Firesuit and helmet required. Tractors must be clean & painted
  • Fuel will be Alcohol only.  No fuel additives. No pressure tanks.
                 Bring your own fuel. Subject to fuel check.
                 See general rules for penalty if caught with illegal fuel.
  • 5000 RPM max, at tech and down the track.
  • RPM will be checked before you pull. It will be a “go or no go” DQ.
  • No pressurized oil systems.
Hilliard Tractor Club reserves the right to tech inspect every aspect any tractor competing
at our events. Hilliard official's decision will be final on any point of controversy.
Disagreements will result in disqualification.​​

*All Hilliard general and safety rules will be strictly enforced.*