Hilliard Winter Championship

Compact Diesel 75 CI    13" hitch - 1150#

  • Factory 3 cylinder air or liquid cooled engines.​ No cutting down of 4 or more cylinder engines.
  • Engine will be no more than 75 cubic inches. Engine modifications are permitted.
  • Water injection will be allowed (H2O only!) Drinkable.
  • Head work is permitted on stock heads. No Billet heads. No overhead cams.
  • Injector and injector pump modifications allowed. No Billet injector pumps. ​No electronic FUEL injection.
  • Turbo charging is permitted, but limited to one turbo only. No inter-cooler or ice boxes permitted.
  • Turbo will be fitted with an air shut off and kill switch device mounted on rear of tractor. It must disconnect

             power to electric fuel supply pump and activating turbo air shut off on the compressor inlet side of the turbo.

  • Exhaust “L” of turbo must have minimum of 5/16 cross in elbow with exhaust to discharge vertically.
  • Electric fuel supply pump permitted. No propane or nitrous of any kind will be permitted.
  • Stock frames or stock appearing frame rails with full hood, grill and side shields will be permitted.
  • No tube frames or pressed wedge frame chassis. Stock chassis may be modified to accept engine.
  • Must use a lawn mower rear end / transaxle. No cut down automotive rear ends or Panzers.      
  • Full metal or aluminum side shields to cover engine area (minimum 16 gauge).
  • Must run 1/4” cable around oil pan over top of valve cover in a complete circle connected with cable clamps.
  • Must run steel fly wheel (no cast fly wheels) with a flywheel inspection hole.
  • Clutch assembly, fly wheel, engine driven fans and cast front pulleys must be              

            surrounded 360 degrees with 1/8” metal or 3/16” aluminum.

  • 7 feet from center of rear axle to the furthest most portion including weights.​
  • 26” x 12 x 12 tires max. 56 inch wheel base max. Wheelie bars are required. Same specifics as all other classes
  • Dead man throttle required. Min. of 1 lb. fire extinguisher required
  • Engine must have block casting model and serial numbers, not ground off and visible.
  • Firesuit required. Full faced helmet required.
  • Only OEM intake manifold and exhaust manifold, polishing is permitted. No tubed intake or exhaust manifold
  • Drivers should have access to manual fuel shut off if there is no electric shut off.

*All Hilliard general and safety rules will be strictly enforced.*